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Web solutions platform that seeks to provide web development, web hosting and web based application that solve problems, give flesh to your dreams while going the extra mile to add a touch of elegance and style.


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EduSuite Schools Package

Superior education delivery through the web

The EduSuite is a range of feature-rich and dynamic web application that have been tailored to meet the needs of schools and even surpass their needs. The range of schools covered by this package includes pre-primary, primary and secondary schools. The packages can also be useful for tertiary institutions and other learning centres with some modifications and special configuration.


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Short Messaging. Tools. Reach Out.

smsgap is a set of tools to reach out to people via sms. smsgap tools are readily available for incorporation into social network sites, applications and content management systems. smsgap also provides easily understandable and developer-friendly APIs for integration into applications and services. This product is yet to go live


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HMSPad is a modular hospital management system (HMS) intranet-based written in ASP.NET and runs (usually) on Microsoft's IIS. HMSPad is still under active development and is yet to be released to the market.