Our Services


Customised Software Development

We build customized softwares for our clients on demand. The programming language(s) and tools used for each project are usually dependent on the needs of the client. But we are usually biased towards .NET technologies, PHP/MySQL, HTML, HTML5, ruby, python, JavaScript and jQuery. The softwares we build/develop are broadly categorized into the following groups;


  • Enterprise application
  • Desktop application
  • Web application
  • Mobile application


We provide training for our corporate clients in the areas of software application usage and administration. The software doesn't necessarily have to be softwares developed by itquette. We also provide training as an added service for our products.


We also do IT consulting for our clients. Our main consultation specialities are implementation of software applications and how to harness business processes with the use of software tools. We provide free IT consultation via e-mail.